Main Office

1. Main office: Where the management resides, controlling and managing all other branches. In addition to management,  organization's CEO, PR , Social Unit, Webmaster and the Secretary are also located in the main office.

2. Social Unit: This is the unit that reflects Emleson's humanitarian philosophy that stands on adopting the poor and weak levels in society within the following principles:

- This philosophy believes in helping these levels to move from poverty to a level of self suffeciency.

- This philosophy believes in the importance of providing unique social and humanitarian services to these marginalized levels so that they aren't limited to the other levels, this will also help to decrease the gaps between the society's different levels.

- This philosophy bacame a vision that all Emleson employees believe in and pply in their daily life.

The Social Unit goals:

- Empowering the organization's relationships with the Jerulemite society through participating in different activities with other organizations in Jerusalem and through building a modern civil Palestinian society.

- Marketing Emleson's activities and spreading its message and vision.

- Launching projects related to women and children rights, and marginalized levels of the society.

- Attracting society participation through collecting donations, and registering volunteers.

- Strengthening the volunteering spirit in the society.

The Social Unit main activities:

- Public relations: Building strong relations with the local society and different organizations and stakeholders including the diaspora.

- Projects and initiatives: follow up on Emleson's projects.

- Donations: Collecting donations and distributing them based on specific criteria through the "Yadan Beyad" or "hand by hand".

- The solidarity unit: managing all solidarity activities.

- Marketing the organization's activities and projects.

- Fundraising

Main activities amd projects:

1. Jerusalemites orphans solidarity: The organization has been working and expanding this project to enable more people to benefit from it. So far we have 423 registered orphans, we studied their profiles carefully (the study has been implemented by specialized social workers), and till now 246 orphans are benefiting from this project.

2. Orphans Day: Fun day organized by the organization for orphans from all over WB and East Jerusalem for the last 7 years. This day is coordinated with different CBO's , local councils, friendly orfanizations and donors.

3. Social Solidarity project: 492 Jerusalemite families are receiving continues aid, while another 400 families are receiving random aid packages on holidays and special occasions.

4. Social awareness project: Like projects and lectures about the danger of drugs, women rights..etc.

5. Women empowerment project: Enabling and empowering women through teaching them several skills and courses, like cooking and projects management.

Future Vision:

1. Creating more projects that will empower and help women to create their own source of income.

2. Strengthening the organization's relationships with other organizations, CBO's and international organizations.

3. Launching new projects to assist university students

4. Launching a project for health support to help poor families and assist them with needed medicines and medical devices.